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Mika Makkonen

Meet Mika

I love live music and concerts. One of my favorite spots in Helsinki is GLivelab which isn't your average concert venue; it's a sonic haven with a mind-blowing sound system that'll blow your mind.

Imagine crystal-clear notes, heart-thumping bass, and an atmosphere so electric it'll leave you buzzing for days. Glivelab doesn't just host concerts; it crafts sonic adventures that linger long after the last chord.

Whether you're into soulful ballads, face-melting rock, or beats that make you dance till dawn, Glivelab's got you covered. It's not just a venue; it's where music becomes an unforgettable journey. They're craft beer selection is also on point. Oh, remember to book your tickets in advance.


Dzenita Korhonen

Meet Dzeni

Löyly is the ultimate hotspot if you appreciate beautiful scenery combined with people watching. Its striking modern architecture blends seamlessly with nature, offering an Instagram-worthy backdrop. With traditional wood-burning saunas and a smoke sauna, it's the perfect place to chill with friends. Plus, located by the Baltic Sea, it offers stunning waterfront views and hosts cultural events. And eco-conscious youngsters will appreciate its commitment to sustainability. Whether you're into wellness, culture, or just hanging out in style, Löyly has it all for the hippest crowd in Helsinki. Tip! Try their Salmon Soup - it's the best lohikeitto in town!


Heidi Tarilo

Meet Heidi

My dear hometown Helsinki is an enchanting mixture of vibrant city life and bliss of nature. For example you can go for a hike in Uutela, a metro ride away from the center or visit one of the many lovely islands just outside the city center. When it comes to music, there is also a lot to offer as Helsinki hosts festivals spanning from indie-style Flow Festival to Tuska Festival for the metalheads, not forgetting Musiikkitalo's great selection of classical music pieces. When in Helsinki, it's best not to forget saunas! For a more urban feel, I recommend visiting Kulttuurisauna, or if you are not afraid of a little (or a lot of) nudity, Sompasauna.


Satu Lemola

Food & Beverage Manager

Meet Satu

My favourite area in Helsinki is Katajanokka and the sea front of Helsinki.

Helsinki being a wonderful seaside city, I love to enjoy a bubbly drink or fabulous food by the seaside of Katajanokka harbour.
Between a great bar hopping it's lovely to pop into Helsinki Market place to buy some local fresh berries, veggies or just sit down and enjoy traditional Finnish cinnamon bun with hot coffee and chat with locals and tourists. "Be aware of the seagull" those might snatch your bun. They love it as much as we Finns do!. Ps. Have a try of one the boat rides around Helsinki´s seaside archipelago.


Meri Laine

Meetings & Events Manager

Meet Meri

In Helsinki's heart, Punavuori is my paradise, packed with art vibes and boho spirit. Here, I love scouring flea markets, sipping artisan coffee in snug cafes, and grabbing bites at the coolest brick-and-mortar restaurants. It's got that urban feel I adore, with a mix of quaint Art Nouveau and sleek modern buildings. To me, Punavuori isn't just a place; it's where I connect with Helsinki's buzz, where each corner tells a story, and every street invites adventure.


Fredde Saarni

Hey there, As a dedicated team member at our bar, I'm committed to providing top-notch service and creating memorable experiences for our guests. Helsinki's thriving culinary scene captivates me, from its cozy cocktail bars tucked away in historic buildings to its trendy restaurants showcasing innovative Nordic cuisine. I'm passionate about exploring the city's diverse array of dining establishments and discovering hidden gems to share with our patrons. Helsinki's culinary landscape reflects its dynamic culture and rich history, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it, ensuring our guests have an unforgettable time at our bar while embracing the flavors of this vibrant city. Cheers to Helsinki's exciting bar and restaurant scene!


Tommi Suviniemi

Start your day with coffee from a small roastery and a visit to the Kallio library on the edge of Karhupuisto. Go shopping for second hand goods and clothes, or check the local record stores. Stroll around the streets of Kallio in the footsteps of Kaurismäki films. Refresh yourself with the locals in the oldest wood-heated public sauna in Helsinki, Kotiharjun sauna. Dine and wine in one of the many neighborhood restaurants. End your night at the cheapest dive bars. A perfect day in Kallio.


Jasmina Puumala


If I was to paint a picture of the perfect day in Helsinki, it would for sure feature the coastal beauty of Eira in the Southern part of the city in some way or another. Whether it's a morning stroll, a night swim, a quiet reading session in my very special spot, or a pop up wine bar hangout with both new and old friends.

As you make your way back to downtown, you'll stumble upon a variety of cool and authentic shops offering vintage finds, workshops, gourmet delis, antiques, book stores with unique zines and private design storages with expansive windows as well as showrooms to spark your creativity.

So, my tip? Head towards the sea, take your time and walk slowly!

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