Eat & Drink

At the bar is where you’ll find us. With regularly changing menus, playlists, art, collaborations and events, our Hobo Bar & Restaurant always has something new to see, taste, and feel.



Bar, kitchen, restaurant, food corner, snackeria… rakkaalla lapsella on monta nimeä. One thing’s for sure though: there’s something you’ll love on the menu. In our Hobo Restaurant, we marry the vibrancy of global influences with hyper-local ingredients. The menu changes with the seasons and, most importantly, with the mood of our Head Chef Tommi.

No bookings, come as you are.


The Hobo Bar is where you’ll find most of our events, concerts, live gigs and other shenanigans. Stop by for a coffee and a work meeting, or a glass of wine and a DJ gig.


Rise and shine, early birds! Breakfast is served at our 2nd floor breakfast venue – always with delicious coffee and warm Finnish ambiance. We are creating the breakfast experience as we speak with the local Helsinki community, let's see what we come up with! 

Stay tuned for the breakfast opening hours.

What's cooking?

Good looking ;)

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