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This is where your ideas come alive. Loosen up your upcoming work conference, impress with your next launch event, knock it out of the park with your own birthday club, do serious business or throw together whatever else your heart desires. The options are endless.

Think hidden club gigs, think mind blowing summits, think exclusive dinner parties. Our beau-ti-ful venue, The Venue, is the place to be. The unique sealing catches the eye and the ambiance takes a way the breath. 

The Playground is filled with natural light. It is perfect for company after-workshops, product launches or whatever we come up with together! 

The space has its own stage fully equipped for all kinds of events: speeches, karaoke, stand up… you name it.

Earthly and freshh is the way to describe our Greenhouse. Plants, herbs, greens of all sorts – we planted them for you to enjoy while making important decisions (a study found that people who spent time in the garden report better physical and mental health levels, so there you go).

Greenhouse is perfect for innovative workshops, meetings and discussions up to 12 people around the same table.


Hey funky mama! Vinyl is a venue for the soul sisters and brothers. While we decorated it to look cool, the space also sounds and feels good. 

Vinyl is perfect for a bit bigger occasion like an album launch or a meet & greet with the favourite artist. Or just a really awesome meeting.


Shh! Just kidding. This is a library you don't have to be silent in. We wanted to bring you to the centre of tales and stories to inspire, so we built quite unique library to the city. 

Library is a perfect space for book launches, book clubs and just about anything wicked. The space is also perfect for an inspiring meeting. Windows to overlook Aleksanterinkatu, so there's plenty of natural light in the space.

Breath in… and out… Harmony gives good vibes as a venue. It's a versatile, very calm space, where you can unwild and host the most wholesome yoga classes or movement meetings (all of us who work in front of an office desk, sounds good right?) You just come as you are, we have everything ready for you. To make it easier, we built a big mirror there to practice.

Harmony is also perfect to built your own kind of event, since all the furniture (if needed) is movable. What fun could we plan here? I'm thinking mindfulnes and meeting hybrid!

Sound check, sound check… Sound Studio is something completely different. Built with people who know their sh*t, we wanted the space to work as an actual sound studio. So here it is! 

Perfect for recording a Grammy worthy album, your new idea of a podcast or just the karaoke sample you have always wanted to do, Sound Studio serves you as the spot. In addition, you can chill there and host small meeting sessions maximum of 8 people. 

Intimate, cozy… we came up with the name nest. This is a space filled with natural light, but still in its own privacy. Choose Nest when you need a compact space for around 8 people.

Removable walls allow us to play with the setup however you see fit – we can combine Nest and Lounge to one bigger space. 


Our Lounge is one of the most versatile spaces at Hobo. A truly nice, technically smooth Lounge with big windows and a view to Aleksanterinkatu. Select this beauty when you need space for max. 20 guests. 

Removable walls allow us to play with the setup however you see fit – we can combine Nest and Lounge to one bigger space. 


What's cooking?

Good looking ;)

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